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Workhorse Audio is the most trusted brand Since 2006 in sound reinforcement industry by introducing reliable products through continuous research & development. We manufactures CLASS-AB, CLASS-H, Professional Amplifiers and other Public Address Systems. Right since the inception company has aspired and worked diligently towards offering wide range of products to fulfill every conceivable PA application requirement.

We Specialize In

SP 1.0
SP 2.4
SP 3.2
SP 2.0

Our Vision & Our Mission

A public address system (PA system) is an electronic sound amplification and distribution system with a microphone, amplifier and loudspeakers, used to address a large public, be it a campus, office, hospital, industrial sites, or an entire outdoor complex or for music as well as speech, distributing the sound throughout a venue or building.

We offer both office PA systems and industrial PA systems. We provide the right solution, after taking into consideration, the ambient noise and other factors. We handle the complete supply of hardware including cables. We also provide assistance and guidance during installation. It allows the speaker to convey his message in a loud and clear manner. Also, the volume calibration can be adjusted as per the venue.